#KIHYMN #theGaīįīanĐream!

written summer 2019
#TheAkæshicRecord bursting out the seem.
So much #time and #space traversed,
The #Crystals for #MAAHAA 🌀
Hunger and Thurst..

Alone on this path, still..
Thought people would summon some will!
In dire need of help, #Gaīįīa is;
Yet Souls dont even blow her a #kiss..

Doing what has to be done,
No #respect or #joy or #fun..
Am I cursed or is this #bliss?!
Constantly murmuring, TamdeHīīWīīTıs!

This is my #hollow, this is my retreat!
The first the enemy will face-on meet!
Cleaving and hacking away,
Solely in twisted #pride, slay; Slay: SLAY!

Dodging and blocking glancing strikes,
Of the enemies soldiers swords and pikes.
#Stîckīıs whistling passed my ears,
Sweat and blood and berserkers tears!

Ablazed enraged as #GaīįīasChamp..
A blissfull breeze meets my bloodsoaked damp.
With a thump of a drum packed away,
Sounds like the #WooHKooHko is headed my way!

Reinforcements?! Could it truly be!?
Or has the lust for blood truly got to me?!
I cant turn to look and see,
If coming are #friends and//or #family..

Cavalry headon, coming my way.
Still not thwarted by 'deaths' dismay..
The beat, the beat on it goes,
Whilst #blood of riders and horses flows!

Finally a brief moment of release,
The enemy running away in '#peace'..
For im too tired to follow their run,
All of the bloodhard work, by me; solely done.

Some supporters cowering on the side,
In between brushes and bushes; they hide..
A #bard rehursing tales of me,
I dont care for my future or history!

I care for NOW, here is where it #LEY(s)!
The Crystallized #HEMO, #WaysofWays!
For weeks, Months, YEARS;,, LONGER!! IT BE WHAT IT #IS!!

⚔️!!#TamdeHīīWīīTıs!! ⚔️


written summer 2012 or 2013.
As the titans forged the world.
A nova of light, hurled.
Like a hammer on anvil striking
Sea and Sand, dividing.

Onward the first dawn of light,
A terrace arose to godly height.
Mount Olympus this day, born.
The gods to Titans in loyalty, sworn.

Also to the world introduced.
Flora and Fauna, which the gods amused.
One race destined to evolve.
To send prayers, to gods below and above.

Thousands of years, in harmony lived.
The gods from titans, went adrift.
Seeing what made feeling right.
The gods banished the Titans from sight.

From this day a new era begun.
The time of gods, right and wrong.
One of Oceans, one of storms.
One of the underworld, whom all foul belongs.

Countless others also rose.
Eventually how many, no one knows.
For in the gods, was one flaw.
They had to be worshipped, in great awe.

On every single earthly day.
The humans had a god to pray.
Ever evolved as mankind got.
Less they believed in all, but one god.

Why so many, if one is enough.
To pray for when life is tough.
To pray for when you are in need.
Of health, love, or someother divine deed.

The gods of Olympus had to give way.
For the one and only god to stay.
One who cherishes each and any.
And whom shall guide the souls of many.

In all these millenia of time passed.
There is one lesson all and any had.
That even for beings of outmost divinity.
Nothing lasts into infinity.

An end is certain to come.
For me, you, everyone.
Even the universe will be torn.
But only to eventually, be reborn.


written summer 2015

Earth, our one and only home,
Being reaped, yet too little sown.
We children of this blessed globe,
Need to listen more to it's soul.

The time is now to act and stand.
Not alone, but all, hand in hand.
Dark forces are nearing their goal,
To drive us into a lightless hole.

Awaken from your slumber you witless fools,
Time is fleeting, yet there's so much to do.
Reason with not just your mind,
But let your entire essence intwine.

Eons of existence,
since our beginning passed,
Vicious and foul families,
their poison up on us cast.

The entirety of our history,
Nothing is what it seems to be.
Everything to their will halted,
And most insidiously altered.

It is now the time has come,
To rise up, you,me, everyone.
Not in hatred, not in war,
But in Love... Simply, adore.

Let weapons lay where they lie,
Let our warmongering past, die.
All of us, listen and feel our world,
Let it once more, become our treasured pearl.

All these so called wealth and riches,
Mean nothing in a world tampered with glitches.
Money, a continuesly growing mountain of debt,
To people in this world, we don't even elect.

The endless crackling of their whip,
Eventually they will surely lose grip.
They might even think they have allready won,
Yet I see the awakening has merely begun.

Open wide, your soulful eye,
And see what currency cannot buy.
Love the only thing that truly matters,
Granted to all on heavenly platters.

Let's s end their tireless reign,
All this agony, all this pain.
And swear that never again,
Our souls, will be there's, to claim.

  1. My plea, and my Pledge.

  2. Lord you heard that I sought..
  3. Like a citadel of pro-creation an infinite tappable fountain of divinity which mortals forever over fought.

  4. Nothing is wat it seems.
  5. All that you thought once was, now doesn't even feel normal as in your dreams.
  6. All had to give way.
  7. For that one, last, only thing in momentum to regain.

  8. Ive been telling you, ever since this day.
  9. That this etheric allegiance of once upon a time, doesn't get to stay.
  10. A new, pristine, start.
  11. One, which is lead from out of the heart.
  12. Maybe you're still shaking and scarred.
  13. But that won't make this less hard.

  14. Seems easy, to start a new..
  15. But still so much that has been done, by the 'lucky' few.
  16. Now though, we truthfully are aligned, One.
  17. One of the other One's, One. Tetheredness from beginning till when it's done.

  18. Because we're all interconnected and intertwined as of now. Show yourself some inspiration to lead those that still don't know how.

  19. For here is where I have to go,
  20. Not stay where it from; went away.
  21. No more, that Etheric bubble. Just "being", for better words.

  22. Which makes our lives worth atleast more than double.

  23. The trouble, dealt by an insignificant few. Seems more though when you take its Ætheric value.

  24. Forever am I here to stay.
  25. Never will I go away, and leave myself in times, not by me done.
  26. I rule my 'me, myself and I'.
  27. The I am: One.

  28. That's why of this overloaded vocabulary hoard,
  29. Which seems too much to me, but I've endlessly battled at, to be able to afford.

  30. I've found, I am priceless..
  31. After endlessly feeling I was anxiously, rolling the dices.
  32. Truth being fully mirrored, now wholly adored.
  33. I truly am in essence, you... 'my lord'.
  1. Daily definites.
  2. Striking out the daily definites,
  3. Which usually are more than none.
  4. But when one has a lack of,
  5. One begins to think, how come?

  6. To be led astray in daily life,
  7. Making you forget your strife.
  8. Striking away, day by day by day.
  9. All throughout your life.

  10. Why though, did we begin to strike,
  11. Like a hurricane thwarting a dike.
  12. Striking deeds to be done,
  13. To make us forget all but the most important one.

  14. Strike yourself, you; as One of One's.
  15. Because you truly, to yourself belong.
  16. For you are meant to make those daily strikes at ease,
  17. Why not take yourself on your minds journey and take well-earned peace.

  18. Peace of the brawn, mind,
  19. heart, and soul.
  20. This should become your strikeworthiest target of all.
  21. Though many have since long helas forgotten.

  22. The daily struggle of striking out daily demands.
  23. Forgotten to pursue that which should be daily events.
  24. Take care of yourselves image of you.
  25. That which truly drives you through, and through and through.

  26. Innate, this is what your striking is about.
  27. For when time comes to push.
  28. You'll be the one,
  29. That'll be striking out.

  1. The love YOU brought.
  2. It was at that festival of grand awakening,
  3. Where the tone was promptly set.
  4. A moment of us passing each other by,
  5. Unleashed a deeper sense of love,
  6. which made me wonder why?!

  7. For I was with the love of my life!
  8. A woman I'd imagine being my wife!?
  9. And yet on that auspicious and fateful day,
  10. My old sense of love had given way!..

  11. Not long after, we again met..
  12. A moment which we'd regularly recollect..
  13. Just before you were to leave on that evening in May,
  14. Intuitively I jumped up to try and kiss you!! Before, you went away.

  15. Then suddenly my woman, the love of my life...
  16. You know the one I'd hoped calling my wife...
  17. Without a moments notice we went our own ways..
  18. Blinded and heart broken, stumbling upon gold in a matter of days!

  19. Again it was you, which I struck and met..
  20. In an app called Tinder we connected, started to chat.
  21. You began filling me up with lovely you!
  22. The loving love you gave, the one I never knew.

  23. We decided to meet; said, hey what could go wrong!!
  24. Both feeling this interconnectedness and my previous loved one, gone!!
  25. But WOW did you get to me, I was nearly overwhelmed..!
  26. The vastness and amount of your love, felt like a too tightly strung belt..

  27. Such all-encompassing love, it's like a kingscrab vice..
  28. Which really got my feet cold, as if they were on ice.
  29. But then on that night on the twenty-second of June.
  30. I swore my love to you, under the brightest full moon.

  31. Oh and how our love started to bloom!!
  32. It felt as if my heart didn't have enough room!
  33. I could swim in that of which me, you gave.
  34. Swimming in love, wave by wave, by wave..

  35. But sadly something else also grew..
  36. A sense of protecting duty, and not just for me and you..
  37. With all the love, you poured my way..
  38. I could keep on fighting, day by day.. by day.

  39. But days, went by.. Weeks…Months….Years!
  40. And still I was confronting people constantly with fears...
  41. The fight though, I needed too, I had to hang in..
  42. And so the end of your loving being with me, would soon begin.

  43. Still, I did not notice..Too much fighting, too much focus.
  44. Till the day that I will forever regret..
  45. You told me to move back home..
  46. That I was to sleep, alone again..In my own bed..

  47. Suddenly surfing on Murphy's law,
  48. I constantly drew the shortest straw.
  49. Again and again..I got bashed I got beat,
  50. It more and more started to stink like defeat..

  51. So much frustration, and so much pain..
  52. In spirits seeking solace, which brought even more pain.
  53. The dark night of the soul, I have surely had mine..
  54. Yet still am I strangled in this love drunk vine.

  55. How I know..
  56. People look, when me they see..
  57. Not understanding, the experience of me.
  58. Sometimes, even I still don't believe...
  59. What my being tells me I feel and/or see..

  60. There is only one thing I can truly say..
  61. Something you might not yet believe, but you will one day..
  62. That everything I for us had not done..
  63. All of my ill spend energy, went into the planet, the one which we live upon.

  64. If you only knew what I knew.. If you only, for 1 second felt what I felt..
  65. Then you're loving and conscious being would almost instantaneously melt.
  66. For YOUR love, the kind, which buffed the fights I fought..
  67. Will echo through eternity, your love..The kind you brought..

The Commandments of HOUSE (music)

A true Herald of the religion called House,
Should spiritually be tied by the following bounds.
As a shepherd protectively tends his flock,
The following has to be as solid as rock.

Inspire the ones which tend to be shy,
Not daring to move to the beats that go by.
Unaware of the force that lies within,
Till their corporeality starts to swing.

Not long after ones soul will follow,
The mind loses grip on yesterday and tomorrow.
The inhibition which once forced to held back,
Relieved like the world's weight off atlas's neck.

Once these ingredients of being are truly aligned,
The avatar of their existence will faithfully shine.
So uphold these commandments of our church,
And find lost souls may end their search.

  1. All is One
  2. Outer search, Disclosure.
  3. Effective, with intent.
  4. Strengthening composure,
  5. If discerned, ascend.
  6. Inner search, wisdom.
  7. Beginning, to the end.
  8. Truth, you've cultivated.
  9. You truly comprehend.
  10. U-niversal convergence,
  11. Where then, now, blend.
  12. Divine beings, emerging.
  13. Past the horizons, event.